7 Proven Methods To Make Your Vizio Smart Tv Last Longer


We are lucky enough to live in a generation where a dozen innovative technologies have been developed to enhance our spare time. One of them is the Smart TV.

If you’re on the market for your first smart TV, you might have come across Vizio models and been impressed by their sleek design and affordable pricing. There is a belief that cheap pricing and longevity don’t go hand in hand. You might have already started doubting whether to go ahead with the purchase or not. 

While there are many Vizio smart TV customers who would recommend Vizio, there is an even bigger number who wouldn’t recommend the brand. Many states that the Vizio smart TV product quality has gone down the hill over time. Most of these people have started seeing product defects within the first year. If you don’t believe it, there is a separate group on Facebook itself named Vizio sucks created by Vizio customers.


If you have already purchased a Vizio Tv, you might think you are too late. Not really ! there are numerous things you can do to improve the longevity of your Vizio Smart TV. This article will discuss seven proven methods to make your Vizio smart Tv last longer.

Make Sure There’s Enough Ventilation

Several issues can arise if your TV overheats. A TV stand with enough ventilation might be used as a preventative measure. Put at least four inches of space between your TV, wall, and other sides.

Many of us want to install our TVs on the wall, but if you do not do it correctly, your TV may get too hot. Openings and vents should never be sealed off or covered.

Fine-Tune The Brightness Level


Using the maximum brightness level on your TV harms it in the long run. This places excessive strain on the Backlight, which typically fails first in a Smart TV.

Too much brightness can ruin the vibe of a movie by making dark scenes too defined, and in video games, it can mess with shading, character outfits, stealth, and more.

Considering the 4k resolution and over 8 million pixels used by Vizio TVs to produce a crisp and attractive picture, the brightness setting on a Vizio is just enough to reduce reflections and glare.

The best way to get a good image is to test out the built-in presets to see if any of them work with your preferred games and movies. However, If you are watching TV in a dim room, you may want to reduce the brightness.

Keep Your Tv Dust-Free On A Regular Basis

Perhaps it hasn’t occurred to you to check the backs of the devices in your home entertainment cabinet, but you should. Take a look at all that dust!

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That dust is incredibly harmful to your electronics. Dust builds up gradually but steadily, and in time it can impede the airflow in your devices to an unacceptable level. This can have a negative effect on various parts of your Vizio Smart TV, including the Backlight.

How to fix it? A weekly dusting should be sufficient. The time investment is minimal (two to three minutes), but the payoff is substantial. No cleaning solutions should be used. Instead, you should invest in some dry microfiber cleaning rags for use on the front and back of your electronic devices.

Turn Off When Not In Use


Turning off your Vizio Smart TV when you’re not watching can extend its life by years. If you want some white noise, by all means, leave it on. Otherwise, it all takes two seconds to switch it off with the remote.

If you frequently forget to turn the TV off because you can’t find the remote, try using a “remote boat” or some Velcro tape to attach the remote to the underside of your TV stand.

Put In A Voltage Regulator

Power outages, storms, and other severe weather can cause voltage fluctuations. Even when there is electricity, the voltage can fluctuate if other appliances are on at the same time, especially if they are power hogs like a Smart TV.

The TV’s internal operations can be disrupted by these abrupt changes, leading to damage to the board and, eventually, a shorter lifespan.

Optimize Contrast Level

The contrast level plays a major role in determining a smart Tv’s picture quality. High contrast requires more energy, and low contrast requires less energy.

Keeping the contrast too high might also have an effect on the display quality and ultimately shorten the life of your TV. Therefore, adjust the contrast so that you can enjoy a satisfying viewing experience while still conserving energy.

Avoid Experimenting

People like to segregate appliances and experiment with stuff to see what is new they can find. We all have done it, haven’t we? However, Vizio smart TVs are not to be messed with unless you really know what you are doing. You should handle the motherboard delicately, and if not, the slightest mistouch can cause numerous defects.


So, Make sure you pay proper attention to your smart TV. Even though there are an increasing number of complaints about Vizio smart TVs, a large number of people still went on to utilize this brand’s products to their full lifetime. So the above steps will surely help you to maximize the lifetime of a Vizio smart TV. If you have any comments or questions, don’t forget to leave them in the comment section.

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