Jason Buttler

Jason Buttler

I'm Jason Buttler, a Software Engineering graduate at the Stanford Universsity. Technology is something I am very fond of. It all started when my mother bought me a computer for my 9th birthday. Since then, my passion and curiosity about the world of technology kept on increasing. That's the very reason I changed my ambition from being a doctor to software engineer, when I was 10 years old. Those days, the internet facilities were very lacking, not to mention poor internet speed. Thus, the only source of information n the tech world for me was various magazines that were issued weekly. I would save the pocket money my mother gives me and buy these magazines and to date, I have a collection of these magazines I used to read. When growing up, internet facilities got deve;oped and made it easier for me to access the latest information. So I could learn various programming languages on the internet to enrich myself. One more thing, I am passionate about is writing. I love writing, I really do. That's the very reason I decided to start this blog. I do extensive research before I publish content. I always try to make sure I publish the content of highest quality. So I invite you to join me on this journey !

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