How To Put YouTube Videos In PowerPoint With Start And End Times ( 100% Working)


You have to do a PowerPoint presentation at the university tomorrow and want to embed a part of a YouTube video in the PowerPoint, but you don’t know how to. Don’t worry; we got you covered.

It’s actually pretty simple. In this article, I’m going to guide you step by step on putting YouTube videos in PowerPoint with start and end times. Also, I’ll be discussing about two methods which can use to set start and end time intervals in a YouTube video in PowerPoint. It’s worth noting that I’ll be using Microsoft PowerPoint 365 for this tutorial. If you are using a different version of PowerPoint, do not worry, as the primary steps should be repeatable in earlier versions of PowerPoint.

Let’s dive right in.

Basic Steps Of Putting The YouTube Video In PowerPoint

Within PowerPoint, I just have a single slide that has a background image already on it. What I want to do is insert a YouTube video, so it fits within the computer monitor in the image.

  • First of all, to insert a YouTube video, you want to click on the insert ribbon at the top. You should then see a video button within an area called media.
  • You should then see a video button within an area called media.Click on this, then select to insert a video from the online video.

 Media > Video > Online Video

  • This should open a new window. In this window, we need to paste the embed code of our desired video. Simply head on over to the video on YouTube to get this embed code. You can click the share button, which can be found under the video itself. Then choose the embed icon to generate an HTML code.Copy the entire string by selecting it. Then click on “copy.”
  • Now with our YouTube video embed code copied, head back into PowerPoint.Then insert the code in the embed code field. You will then see a preview of the video underneath to confirm it is the correct video.

How To Select Start And End Times Of The You-tube Video In The Power-point 

Method I

To set the start and end times, you need to type in the following parameters in the embed URL. For example, if we want the Youtube video to start at 10 seconds in the PPT and end at 50 seconds, simply paste the following code into the embedded code.



You can also change the time intervals in the above code as per your preferences. If the desired start and end times are in minutes, simply multiply the time by 60 in the code. For example, if the desired start time is 3 minutes and the end time is 5 minutes, then simply put 180(3×60) and 300(5×60) in the code.

Method II

Go to and paste your desired YouTube video link in the space given. Then set start and end times for the video to be displayed in the PowerPoint. Click Submit and copy the link.


Now head back to PowerPoint and paste this link in the URL field. Your video will be played perfectly during the set time intervals.

Then. Click the insert button; With the video inserted, you can then move it around and resize it just like you would any other object within PowerPoint.

That’s all for setting start and end times for a YouTube video in PowerPoint.

Let me now provide you with an overview of some of the additional features you can take advantage of.

Additional Features

With the YouTube video selected, click on the video format ribbon at the top. You can then choose one of PowerPoint’s video styles at the top to change the frame of the video.


You can also use the video effects to apply a certain effect, such as applying a drop shadow on the far right. 


You can also crop the video if you want to cut it out. some of the player itself.


Moving on to the playback ribbon, you have three options to select from to decide how the video is to be played.

  • In-click sequence – this means when you click anywhere on the slide, the video will start playing.
  • Automatically – The video will be played as soon as the slide is shown.
  • When Clicked On -When clicked on which as the name suggests.

Now, head over to the slideshow view to see how this looks when presented. To do this, go to the slide show from the current slide.


You will see the video loaded along with the YouTube player. Depending on the option you selected above on how the video is to be played, you can start playing the YouTube video in PPT.


There you have it! Many colleagues of mine have asked me how to embed YouTube videos in PowerPoint as it’s crucial in University presentations and assignments. I hope I was of help. Also, feel free to comment down any queries you have. All the very best for your presentation!

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