iPhone 14 – Is It the End of Small Phones?

apple i phone 14
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If you’re looking for a small phone – one with a display smaller than 6 inches – you’re normally forced to look to Apple, but with the iPhone 14, it appears as though the end of mini mobiles is near.

We’ve heard numerous speculations recently suggesting that there will be no iPhone 14 mini to accompany the iPhone 13 mini, as sources indicate that these smaller handsets have performed poorly. According to reports, the forthcoming range would instead include a large iPhone 14 Max with a larger screen but the same specifications as the standard model.

That is significant if true – literally – since it would demonstrate Apple’s significant withdrawal from the small phone market. However, it is not the only brand that does so.

There will be no more small phones

As far as this article is concerned, we’ll adhere to the sub-6-inch-screen definition of “small phones.”

The majority of brands have shifted to an average screen size of 6.6 or 6.7 inches, with Huawei and Vivo occasionally breaching the 7-inch threshold.

While firms such as Samsung and Google have occasionally offered smaller smartphones, both have shifted away from doing so with recent additions to their flagship lines, implying a lack of interest in small phones.

Apart from the iPhone mini-series, there are just two locations where small smartphones may be found. The iPhone SE range is a notable case, however, they are only introduced on a periodic basis, and the most recent addition appears to have performed poorly in terms of sales. Additionally, there is the Sony Xperia Ace series, however, it is exclusively available in Japan.

The end of the road for small phones

If Apple, the current market leader in mobile phones, decides to discontinue production, it could be the end of compact handsets.

Although Apple frequently adopts technology late, employing 5G only after it had been in use for a year and a half, many other technology businesses prefer to follow Apple’s lead in specific areas. Its choice to drop chargers from boxes is a simple illustration.

If Apple discontinues small phone production, it appears doubtful that any other businesses will take up the mantle and begin producing small handsets – and this is because Apple will make this decision for a reason.

The fact that a small phone is supposedly being discontinued in favor of a larger one aligns with what buyers want in a smartphone.

Smartphones continue to grow in size year after year, and while some people prefer compact phones – which can easily fit in your pocket or be used with just one hand regardless of your hand size – the interest appears to be insufficient.

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