Amazon Orders Pending: Why Does It Happen & How To Fix It (2022)

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You have set up your shop and added some listings. Then a buyer places an order and as you are waiting for the payment to come through, there’s that dreaded “Amazon Orders Pending” message on the screen.

The confusion hits you all at once. The entire world halts. When the buyer reaches out to inquire what’s wrong, you have no idea what’s happening.If I had to guess, I’d say you’re an Amazon FBA seller just like a thousand others who’s curious about and wants solutions for this mysterious Amazon orders pending.error.

Don’t worry, we got you covered. 

What Does Amazon Orders  Pending Mean ?

In simple terms, Amazon orders pending means that  Amazon has put the product on hold.Amazon holds all orders for up to 30 minutes after a successful purchase as a safety measure. Although this time frame gives purchasers the option to back out, rest assured that a pending order is not the same thing as a cancelled order.Orders that have been cancelled will be greyed out in Seller Central.

During this time, Amazon tries to verify the customer’s payment information. It usually just takes a few minutes. Nevertheless, verification can take up to 21 days if there is a problem with the buyer’s chosen form of payment. 

It’s worth noting that an order can’t be fulfilled until its status switches from Pending to Unshipped.

Why Are Amazon My Orders Pending ?

In most cases, Amazon’s inability to authorise the buyer’s credit card results in a “Pending” order status. The other reasons are,

  • Amazon (FBA) is still gathering items for an order that qualifies for free shipping.
  • Buyer’s bulk item is on hold because one product is out of stock.
  • Buyer hasn’t completed the order

Why Do Amazon Digital Orders Get a Pending Status ?

It’s true that Amazon Pending status isn’t limited to physical goods; it can be seen in digital products too.These digital products do not require packing or delivery, although they may still be delayed.

  • Whenever a customer purchases a digital product, they are given a unique digital code to access the product. If they do not immediately receive a code, the product  is likely in the Pending state.
  • This also occurs when Amazon is unable to process a customer’s credit card payment or receive necessary authorisation.
  • Similarly, the authentication process for digital products typically takes up to four hours. This is crucial in preventing fraud and protecting sensitive customer information.

How Can I Check My Amazon Account for Pending Orders?

Sign into your Amazon Seller Central account to view the Amazon orders pending.Unshipped orders can be found in the Unshipped Orders report, while pending orders can be found in the Pending tab of the Manage Orders page.

You can select the View FBA Orders tab to see a list of orders pending to be fulfilled by Amazon.

As stated above,you won’t be able to confirm or cancel a pending order because it will be non actionable and greyed out.

What To Do With Amazon Orders Pending ?

  • Amazon suggests that vendors get in touch with customer service if the order status is still pending after an hour.
  • When the shopper approaches you directly. Similarly, you should advise them to contact Amazon’s customer service.
  • In addition, no matter how much a customer prompts, you should never send out a pending order. The order status must change to Unshipped before you can confirm the shipment.

How To Cancel an Amazon Pending Order ?

As per Amazon’s policies, a merchant cannot cancel a pending order on Amazon. That power rests solely with the purchaser.If you’re still set on getting out of it, your only choice is to get in touch with the buyer and try to persuade him to cancel it.

This could be a very easy or very complex process, depending on the buyer. If things have come to this, then it’s time to use your negotiation skills. Isn’t that fantastic?


This online game was obviously never intended to be simple. We live in an age of information, so any queries you have about Amazon may be answered with a quick Google search.

Selling on Amazon means putting the needs of your customers first.A  pending Amazon order can be an impediment if it isn’t dealt with promptly.Even if the holdup is not your doing (such as with a fba order), it will still have an impact on your Amazon sales.

So I hope you find this article really helpful. Also, Don;t forget to check out our other articles as well. Good luck !

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