5 Best Wholesale Baby Clothing Websites in 2022

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Baby clothing market has seen a massive boost during the last few years. Not just adults, even the tiniest members of the family can be seen sporting trendy attire. Today, many parents place a great value on finding good-looking baby clothing at an affordable price. Online selling, too, has made selling baby garments tremendously profitable. In response to the recent upsurge in the market, wholesalers and retailers alike have been ramping up their inventory of fashionable baby clothing.

Retailers may acquire children’s clothes from some of the most excellent bulk baby clothing suppliers, along with a wide variety of new and fashionable baby products. So, today let’s look at the 5 best wholesale baby clothing websites in 2022.


FashionTIY is a wholesale marketplace that operates online. Baby apparel, children’s accessories, men’s and women’s clothing, and more are all available on this renowned B2B online wholesale marketplace in the United States. All of the clothing is made of baby cotton and the most advanced textile technologies. Wholesale prices on baby’s wear can save you up to 75% off retail prices. They also have many different styles to choose from. Most orders are sent within 24 hours after being placed.

The following are some of the ways that FashionTIY makes wholesale shopping easy and worry-free.

  • Secure payment system
  • Offer fast international shipping via DHL/UPS and online tracking of logistics details.
  • Arrange specialized shipping and tax arrangements to help you save even more dollars.
  • Provide a long-term after-sales service period of up to 30 days to ensure customers’ best interest.
  • Instantaneous customer support via online chat.

Angel Wholesale

Angel wholesale is a UK-based wholesale company, and the UK and Europe are their primary markets. No MOQ, a UK 48-hour lead time, cheap delivery fees, and distinctive brands are just some of the perks of working with Angel Wholesale. Newborn gauze, sock bouquets, apparel, and other items for babies are among the most popular products. 3 to 5 working days is the typical turnaround time for standard orders.

Here are some of the services offered by Angel Wholesale to its customers

  • Low-cost shipping
  • A user-friendly website
  • Availability of a variety of payment methods
  • A wide choice of premium brands

Despite the excellent quality products they sell, many customers have complained that their customer service and communication are not up to the standard.


Tradewheel is a well-known name in the business-to-business sector today. Even if it didn’t start out long ago, it’s nevertheless providing web marketing tools and services that can help your company grow. Suppliers and manufacturers will be able to sign up for free and display as many products as they’d like. When additional services are required, you can purchase their cost-effective packages. The website boasts the broadest network of wholesalers, importers, and buying managers because of its worldwide popularity! As per the reports, their registered users exceed 7 million. This is the place to go if you’re looking to choose from a great variety of baby clothes.

Let’s have a look at the benefits Tradewheel offers.

  • It’s a web-based platform.
  • A great variety of trading products.
  • Customer-friendly shopping experience
  • Easy to make deposits and withdrawals.


Kiskissing is a U.S.-based online distributor and contract wholesaler of newborn clothes and accessories associated with the clothes manufacturer Sintex Apparel Limited in Italy (Hong Kong, China). Children’s apparel is available in various styles, including baby jogging suits, princess gowns, and a variety of other accessories. The regular shipping time is around 6-10 days, and all packages come with a tracking number.

What are the advantages of purchasing wholesale children’s clothing from Kiskissing?

  • Competitive prices.
  • Possibility to quickly return an item purchased from Kiskissing if you are dissatisfied with it.
  • Low shipping cost.
  • A wide variety of products.

Kiddies World Wholesale 

The UK-based wholesaler of children’s apparel, Kiddies World Wholesale, has longstanding experience in the industry. From renowned brands like Cute & Cuddly, Bee Bo, Baby Town, and many others, they carry the latest in baby clothing and accessories. These garments are made of the most delicate and most luxurious fabrics. The shopper must first complete an application form before placing an order with this UK company. Customers are limited to placing orders totaling at least £50.00.


If you want to buy anything, Alibaba is your best bet. Although this e-commerce site does not make baby garments itself, you may find various suppliers providing designer children’s clothing at wholesale prices. It’s pretty simple to use this platform. A buyer’s request for a quote can be sent out immediately to possible suppliers, who often respond very quickly. Depending on the style and materials, baby clothes can cost more or less. From a certain threshold, the bulk purchase discount rule applies. The cost per unit can be as low as $1.

Here are some of the pros and cons of buying from Alibaba


  • Availability of a wide range of products
  • Everything is in English even though it is a Chinese company.
  • Can directly contact manufacturers.


  • No one can tell you for sure whether or not a vendor is also a manufacturer. Will they fulfill your orders, and if so, will they do it on time?
  • While Alibaba uses third parties to verify the legitimacy of enterprises, it does not disclose whether or if there are any risks associated with interacting with these companies (penalties, court cases, bankruptcy).

It’s our aim that you’ll take some time to think things over before launching a wholesale baby clothing business. All of the sites listed here have a good track record and frequently provide unique options. Be sure to read the descriptions and contrast them across different websites before committing to a purchase. Plan your budget and the items you’ll keep on hand for your business carefully. We’re confident that you’ll experience a rise in sales once you get started in the baby clothing industry.

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