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Robotic surgery systems

4 Best Robotic Surgery Systems

Precision, accuracy, and reproducibility are the hallmarks of robotic surgery systems, which can help surgeons and enhance patient outcomes. Although the term “robotic surgery” is commonly seen as a robot doing the treatment without human intervention, this is not always…

Robots in restaurants

7 Most Useful Robots for Restaurants

Robots are beginning to dominate the service sector, completing tasks in many ways more economically and efficiently than their human counterparts. There are a wide variety of robots in restaurants from cocktail-making to burger-flipping. An increasing number of restaurants are…

3D printing process

3D Printing: What Comes Next?

3D printing is becoming more and more common as each year goes by. This makes a lot of sense since 93% of businesses that use 3D printing can beat their competitors. There is a reason for this: 3D printing allows…