10 Amazing Next-Generation Car Inventions

Whether you’re resting in the back seat or behind the wheel, we’ve compiled some of the best next-generation car inventions and car gadgets that will make driving a breeze. There are several car gadgets and inventions out there that can help you make the most of your time on the road, whether you’re a casual driver, a regular commuter, or a die-hard auto fanatic.

We’ve rounded together some of the greatest car inventions to help you make the most of your vehicle.

Rhino-Rack Aluminum Folding Ladder 

A folding car ladder for 246 dollars isn’t that a bit much. According to the manufacturer, for that money, you get a load capacity of 275 pounds, seven and a half feet at length, wide legs that extend 19.7 inches for adjustments, and a length of 3.6 feet when fully folded. In addition, the ladder is ideal for soft ground use and compatible with the rhino rack pioneer trunk system. The model weighs just over 12 pounds, so you don’t need help to handle it either. This useful car invention is made of aluminum, and the shape of the ladder prevents possible contact with the car.

Undercarriage Cleaner Ramp

This car gadget is designed for fast and high-quality washing of the undercarriage of a car. The manufacturer notes that it’s also suitable for commercial use because it’s easier and more pleasant for mechanics to work with a clean car. The ramp was created using a patented technology that makes it only five inches high. Assembly takes a few minutes and requires a minimum of tools. The device is made of stainless steel. The ramp is suitable for high-pressure washing systems operating at up to 20 gallons per minute and is effective with both hot and cold water. You can also use chemicals with PH levels of up to 12, about the same as bleach. This car invention is also compatible with other similar equipment from the manufacturer, so you can assemble a compact, all-in-one auto-cleaning system. The price is seventeen and a half thousand dollars.


In Germany alone, about 40 percent of traffic accidents are caused by driver fatigue. Moreover, in 24 cases, drivers simply fall asleep right before the accident. Luckily there are many solutions for you to have a good rest while camping or during a long business trip, such as this hammock. Designers offer versions for one or two people and for passenger cars and trucks as well. The standard version weighs 40 pounds and holds about 249 pounds. The price is 349. When folded, the hammock and mounts fit in the trunk. Additionally, you can buy a folding ladder, and the team also plans to make a rain cover. There’s only one question when we look at the design, why put it on the roof? Designers say that it offers a great view. Apparently, the main thing is not to be afraid of heights.


No more regular roof racks. Long live Knotix, thanks to special magnetic locks that you can install in just 20 seconds. Nothing will fall off even if you accelerate up to 125 miles per hour. The product is suitable for most four-door cars except for Tesla vehicles. The carrying capacity of the model is 330 pounds which is enough to carry three kayaks. For example, various accessories like smart straps will make loading and unloading even easier when folded Knotix is just 23 inches long. When not in use, it can easily fit in the trunk. The first copies will go to customers as early as January 2023, with prices starting at 325.


The guardian angel for your bike says the designers of this great car invention. After all, if your two-wheeled vehicle is carried on a roof rack or mounted on the back, the risk of accidental damage increases. It doesn’t matter if the bike is expensive or cheap because you can easily damage not only the bike but the car as well, and that’s a totally different price to pay for repairs. So why not pay 53 dollars for your own peace of mind? For this price, you get a sensor that attaches to your bike or roof rack and an alarm system that goes in the passenger compartment. The link works via Bluetooth, and the sensor constantly scans 66 feet in front of itself, capturing a 45-degree area. If an obstacle is detected, it triggers a light and sound signal. The manufacturer believes that their product is not only a useful purchase for anyone but also a good gift. For example, for Christmas, after all, the sensor will be useful to surfers, campers, and many other people. However, they won’t be shipped out until November 2022.


Here’s a fun idea for pickup truck owners. The key feature of this toolbox is convenience. Thanks to the swing system, you won’t have to hold it or reach for it to retrieve it from the trunk. The box holds 77 pounds which is equivalent to eight sets of combination wrenches. The model is designed so that users can easily install it on their own, and if something’s not clear in the instructions, there are many tutorial videos featuring different cars, and options for installation on the left and right sides of the vehicle are available. Both are priced at 350$. The box is made in the US, and it’s so popular that Chinese copies can be found on the market. “Don’t let yourself be fooled,” writes an official dealer and shows the original just in case.

BAK Revolver X4s

Pickup trucks are a sales hit in many countries. 2.7 million units were sold in the US alone in 2016. That accounts for 15.3 percent of all car sales in the country. It’s not surprising because the capacity, off-road performance, and payload of many models make this car invention great workhorses, so the market for various pickup truck accessories is also doing great. Here is an example of that.

This automobile gadget is a roll-up truck bed cover, and it’s made a surprise in the US. A patented locking system securely locks the unit on both sides while making it easy to roll up and down with one hand. It’s made of aluminum and vinyl. It’s weatherproof and capable of withstanding up to 400 pounds of load. The price varies depending on the pickup model, starting at about 1000$.


After installing a cover, a hammock, and other useful accessories, you’ll probably feel hungry and tired. Luckily you don’t have to go far if you have a mobile camping kit at hand.

It includes a fully-fledged bed, storage compartments, and a camping kitchen. The approximate average weight is 377 pounds, and the length is optimized for 5.6 Ft, 6.6 ft. 8-foot truck beds. The bed is removable, and there’s enough room in the kitchen unit to fit a stove. A cutting board is built in by default. The manufacturer also offers four more options. For example, with a bed for two, and if something doesn’t satisfy your needs, a special option on the website is available where you can easily build your own camping kit. The price starts at two thousand dollars.

ARB slide Kitchen

Here is another camp kitchen. This invention for cars is from Australia and with even more features. This version includes a stainless-steel countertop, a three-burner gas stove, a 1.8-gallon sink, and drawers and shelves for tableware and small items. The top holds 22 pounds when open and 55 when closed. Steel 304 is used; it’s a popular material in the industry because of its excellent resistance to heat and corrosion. The stove is finished with a tempered glass lid and is slightly recessed in the base for better wind protection. The sink also holds 22 pounds of load, and it can also be used to store cookware. It takes 15 seconds to get the kitchen ready for use, and there are so many price options and compatible vehicles. But the price list is 609 pages long.

Pet Loader

This ladder is a little more interesting because it’s made for pets. This car invention model solves a simple but very important problem. It helps pets get into the car. In the US alone, as of 2019, there are about 70 million pet dogs. So many people will be interested. The American-made ladder was so successful that it was approved by veterinarians and trainers, and after that, a model for swimming pools was added to the range. The original ladder is available in six versions starting at 195 dollars. The ladder has a 150-pound payload and a height of 16 to 20 inches. Steps can be added or removed. Level platforms instill confidence. Dogs instinctively know how to use them, notes the manufacturer. We wonder what dogs really think about it!

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