Marlon James

Marlon James

Hello there - and here’s a little about me to see if I can make you click to read more. I’m an experienced Editor In Chief with a demonstrated history of growing traffic, building a strong editorial team and finding the stories that resonate the most. Creating a site with a growing user base is something that matters greatly to me, and I love getting lost in the detail of what makes our readers tick and offering a wide variety of articles for them to read. I care about both evergreen and new traffic equally, but have spent years working hard on building both organically - knowing traffic sources and how to cultivate them. But what underpins the data is always the story, taking people on a journey that can last multiple articles in one go or a single hit that satisfies curiosity. The story is at the heart of everything that goes on the site - and it’s the same with how I manage a team. I want to know their reasons for working, what they care about and how we can use whatever resource to make their life as simple and exciting as it can be. I enjoy public speaking wherever possible, especially to talk about what I’m passionate about - getting the message out is not only about clicks but engaging people with what the site is trying to do - being an ambassador at all times is key. Thanks for reading this far down - I could say more but that could get boring. It might already be... so just drop me a message to say hi if there’s anything more you’d like to know and if I can shed more light on what we do!

Artificial Intelligence: A Reality Check

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Emerging Trends for Mobile App Development

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