How Android Users Can Quickly Delete the Last 15 Minutes of their Google search history

Google Search

How convenient would it be if you could erase the last 15 minutes of your Google search history with the press of a button?

Since Google added this feature to its iOS app last summer, iPhone owners have been living the dream. The ability to delete your most recent search history with a single swipe is now available to Android users as well.

According to The Techizall and confirmed by Google, the search engine is now rolling out the option to delete the last 15 minutes of a user’s search history from its official Android app. Some Android users have already reported that the feature has been made available.

Simply launch the Google app on your Android device and tap on your profile to begin using this new, time-saving feature. To delete your search history, click on the “Search history” option in the pop-up menu. Use this button to delete the last 15 minutes of your search history.

In the past, Google has made it easy to delete all of your Google search history. You can also choose to automatically delete history older than three months, one year, or three years and a half from the current date. Individual items could also be deleted from a user’s history. No matter how great these options may be, it’s difficult to quickly remove items from a single search session using these methods. Using the 15-minute delete option appears to be the best way to accomplish that.

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