GPS Tracking Software: A Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide

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People who work for a business can use GPS Tracking Software to make things run better and earn more money. GPS tracking software makes it easier for you to run your business and keep your drivers safe, so it is a good idea to use it. Each car must have hardware installed for a GPS tracker to be used. This hardware sends data to software stored in the cloud. We must understand how much fuel each driver uses, so you can use the software you choose to track where they go.

It’s important to use telematics hardware and software to keep track of your carriers, make them safer for their drivers, and let people know how things are going at work. In addition, it helps you save money and stay up to date with important state and national laws, like the International Fuel Tax Agreement and electronic logging mechanisms.

Keep track of important information about your business: That’s the most important thing this software can do. There is also much important information about a company’s fleet found in telematics software. This includes information about fuel efficiency, safety, and many other things. You can use this guide when you buy GPS fleet tracking software. It will help you figure out what to look for when you do.

GPS tracking lets you keep an eye on everything from where you are instead of having a manager in the car’s driver’s seat. Carrier companies and driver safety are made better by this solution, ensuring that both are taken care of. GPS fleet tracking comprises both hardware and software, and both are crucial parts. The hardware is used to keep track of the carrier and how it is being used.

How your car needs hardware changes based on what you want to keep an eye on. The other people give you plugins, and you can use them right away. Others need more complicated installation, which usually means connecting a lot of sensors to the data center of the phone company. A global positioning system is used to watch the ship (GPS). A piece of hardware sends data and updates to the software in real-time. This means that the software is the center of all information.

GPS Tracking Software: Here are a few examples

Time tracking and scheduling software

ClockShark is the best mobile GPS time tracking software for construction, field service, and contractors who want a simple way to track time and run payroll quickly and accurately. It also helps them figure out how much money a job costs. Running your business and making your accountant happy are both easier when you have this kind of thing.


You can see how much time you spend on the web, desktop, and mobile apps, as well as statements, records, and more, all from one place. With modern time tracking from Hubstaff, you can fight inadequacy and run better businesses, so you don’t have to be lazy. Hubstaff brings together 30 apps from different companies to run more efficiently and make more money. Use GPS and geofences to track where you are and what you’re doing. Keep moving forward. All of these: Windows, Linux, Apple Mac OS X, iOS, and Android.

Verizon Connect

Small and medium-sized organizations can use Verizon Connects GPS tracking software to uncover hidden costs and identify areas where your business could be more productive. Take a look at trends and figure out how well your fleet is doing with smart dashboards and report tools. If you keep an eye on things all the time, you can quickly stop dangerous or illegal behavior, or if things don’t go the way they should. Consequently, you’ll soon figure out where to save money and run a better fleet of cars and trucks.

GPS Tracking Software: It is working

GPS tracking software can assist you in locating your vehicle, planning routes, and sending commands to specific locations. On top of that, it also tells you how to keep your car in good shape. It also tells you how to get help and how to drive safely. Accelerometers and other sensors can be added to hardware, so the software can keep track of when your driver stops or speeds up very quickly.

The only things that any service even tries to report are sharp turns and corners. This technology also lets you track how long you’ve been idling, which is important for saving money on gas. There are many features in the software that help you keep track of your fleet, manage the health of the vehicles, learn about your drivers’ habits, and keep track of how much fuel they use.

As a bonus, most software comes with dispatching and scheduling tools to help work. People who use these features may be happier because they can give people better estimates of when they will arrive, making them happier. Among them are anti-theft service and time clocks. Also, accident tracking, roadside assistance, attendance tracking, and attendance tracking are more.

The cost of GPS Tracking Software

If you desire to keep track of many various things and have many cars, the price of GPS tracking software can be very different. There might be a one-time charge for each service for the device that comes with it. It’s also true that some providers let you rent the equipment for a fee each month. If you use many GPS tracking software, you may also have to sign a one- or three-year contract because the company wants you to pay for them. It’s also possible to get free trials and money-back guarantees from some companies. This means that before you sign up for a long-term deal, you can try the service out.

It’s hard to choose GPS tracking software

To choose the right software for your business, ensure it has all the features you need to run it. GPS management software comes with many built-in features that you can use. These things should also be there:

  • It can be used with fuel cards. The safety of the driver is being kept track of.
  • Dashboards that show changes in important metric trends
  • Options for communicating and getting around
  • Customer service that goes on.
Built-in alerts

Text and email alerts are sent when something isn’t right with the cars or the people in them. Then, look for a service that lets you set alerts for when the driver goes off-route or does something bad while driving.

It’s easy to use

Make sure you choose a simple dashboard because some software programs can be very hard to use. It would assist if you thought about what you want to do before signing up for a business demo.

People can use phones

Some GPS tracking software for fleets doesn’t work with mobile phones or tablets. Keep your software cloud-based or look for an app for your chosen device if you want to use it at any time. Customers will get help from this text. Find a store where you can get help whenever you need it, whether by phone or live chat. Also, there is email support and documentation. There are also help-desk ticket systems, help videos, and documentation.

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